Skymax & Starlux Maksutov Series Telescopes

Sky-Watcher’s premiere line of Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes create a perfect blend of aperture and lightweight portability.

Planetary Detail Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes serve as an alternative to Schmidt Cassegrains and Newtonians, and offer astronomers a large visual aperture, high contrast and long focal length in a compact package.  Maksutov’s deliver better planetary detail than other telescopes due to a focal length that’s 5-7 times longer, increasing overall magnification.  Maksutov-Cassegrains also utilize a meniscus shaped corrector plate, eliminating any spherical aberration caused by the primary mirror.

Lightweight optical tube
with long focal length

94% reflectivity primary and secondary mirrors

Refractor quality views
at a fraction of the price

World-Class Optics

Our Skymax and Starlux  Maksutov series telescopes deliver refractor-like views and superior contrast while allowing for larger apertures at a fraction of the cost. Using lens elements and reflective mirrors, you’ll benefit from Sky-Watcher’s dedication to quality optics. Our Maksutov series features a borosilicate primary and secondary mirror with a quartz overcoat, producing 94% reflectivity. The corrector plate utilizes our signature Metallic High -Transmission Coatings™ (MHTC™), giving visual astronomers professional grade optics to create a unique viewing experience.

Perfect for the Beginning Astrophotographer

In addition to the visual benefits of Sky-Watcher Maksutovs, these serve as excellent optical tubes for imaging planetary, lunar or solar, with use of a solar filter. For astronomers looking to start in astrophotography, the Sky-Watcher Maksutovs deliver exceptionally long focal lengths, necessary for imaging planetary detail. This provides an increased image scale, forgoing the need of a barlow lens or other accessories that might increase exposure times.

Sky-Watcher 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian

Astrophotography Powerhouse

The Sky-Watcher Starlux 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian is a little different from our Skymax Maksutov Cassegrains.  This telescope utilizes a large aperture with exceptional field correction in a compact package, making it ideal for photographers looking for a large aperture, high quality astrograph.  The Maksutov-Newtonian optical tube boasts a shorter focal length than comparable Maksutovs due to the Newtonian design, producing a fast f/5.3 focal ratio.  In addition to two borosilicate mirrors, this Maksutov-Newtonian features a front corrector element of Schott glass, creating a flat field free of coma and aberrations.    All optical components in the Maksutov-Newtonian are precisely matched, making this telescope perfect for astrophotography with either DSLR or CCD cameras.