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EvoView 80/ProED 80 Package on AllView Mount


Sky-Watcher EvoStar 80ED APO Refractor: Portable Optical Powerhouse! Due to their unobstructed textbook-like diffraction patterns and exotic optical properties, the ED-APO produces …

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Sky-Watcher AllView Mount

$435.00 $400.00

Sky-Watcher AllView Mount

$435.00 $400.00
  • Multi-purpose alt-azimuth mount
  • Adjustable steel height tripod with 1.25″ legs
  • Computerized driven Go To telescope mount with 42,900 object database
  • Motorized panoramic photographic mount with ability to take time lapse images
  • Comes with camera control cable for Canon EOS DSLR’s
  • DC operation (batteries not included)