Classic / Traditional Dobsonian Telescopes

Featuring large apertures and easy functionality, Sky-Watcher’s Classic Dobsonian telescope makes the perfect beginner scope.

Developed in the 1970s, the Dobsonian-style telescope is an inexpensive solution for bright, detailed visual observing using a simple design.

The name ‘Dobsonian’ comes from the telescope’s inventor, John Dobson, a Buddhist monk and sidewalk astronomer who dedicated his life to astronomy outreach.  Dobson was notorious for constructing large aperture reflecting telescopes capable of deep sky viewing, using low cost materials.  These were often made with found materials, heavy cardboard tubes, recycled porthole glass and plywood mounts with Teflon™ strips.  Dobson encouraged other astronomers to assemble their own telescopes and taught workshops on telescope making.

Sky-Watcher carries on the legacy Dobson left behind with our Classic Dobsonian telescope.  Often referred to as ‘light buckets’, Dobsonians provide users with the highest possible aperture for their money when compared to telescopes of a similar size, such as Schmidt-Cassegrains or refractors.  Dobsonians use a simple, yet effective design, optimized for visual observation of faint objects, such as nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.  At Sky-Watcher, we stay true to the traditional John Dobson design, using just two mirrors, a metal tube and a simple rocker box.  Although we love computerized telescopes, using a star chart to find objects by hand can be far more fulfilling and will improve your knowledge of the night sky.  Unplug your electronic devices, step outside and become immersed in the wonders of the universe.

Affordable large aperture viewing

Easy and accurate controlled movement

Fully multi-coated mirrors with 94% reflectivity

Not your Father’s Dobsonian

Don’t let this simple design fool you!  Dobsonian-style telescopes utilize their large aperture to give users bright, vivid detail.  Both primary and secondary mirrors deliver 94% reflectivity, using borosilicate mirrors coated with quartz, titanium and silicon dioxide.  With a finely-crafted parabolic primary mirror and coatings this bright, you’ll be viewing just as John Dobson intended.

Sky-Watcher Innovation

Unlike other models on the market, Sky-Watcher Dobsonians feature a patented Tension Control Handle which allow for easy tension adjustment, enabling the telescope to move freely around the sky. The Tension Control Handle also provides stability when using large eyepieces. Steel ball bearings provide smooth movement even when the handle is tightened.

The simple rocker box mount with azimuth Teflon™ bearings is easy and straightforward enough for any beginner. The use of Teflon™ ensures smooth movement, yet creates enough friction to prevent any unintentional movement of the telescope.

Accessories and Other Goodies

While most telescopes limit the astronomer to 1.25” eyepieces, Sky-Watcher provides users with a beefy 2” Crayford-style focuser (6” model includes 2” rack & pinion focuser). Using the supplied 1.25” adapter you can take advantage of virtually any eyepiece on the market. Also included is a 9×50 finderscope and two eyepeieces (10mm & 25mm), perfect for the beginning astronomer!