Virtuoso Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount

A powerful tool for photographers and videographers alike

Using the same precision technology that allows telescopes to track tiny stars across the sky, the Virtuoso Versatile Mount is a powerful tool for observers, photographers and videographers alike. This super steady mount can capture stunning panoramic photos or smooth panning video. You can use Virtuoso with just about any camera or camcorder, from your DSLR to your cell phone. Also included are a 90mm optical tube and two eyepieces for astronomical observing.

This plucky little machine has a wonderful can-do attitude, being both optically and mechanically very sound. It is easy to set up and control and can even be enhanced to fully GoTo with the optional SynScan AZ handset.
– Steve Ringwood, Equipment Consultant at Astronomy Now

Includes 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope

Freedom Find™ dual-encoder technology

Includes white light solar filter and solar finder

World-Class Optics

The provided 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope delivers ideal magnification for viewing the Moon and planets, as well as deep sky objects. It can also be used as high-power terrestrial scope, perfect for bringing the wonders of nature closer.

Easy Control and Synscan Compatible

Virtuoso features Sky-Watcher’s patented Freedom Find™ dual-encoder technology that allows the scope to be manually moved on either axis without losing alignment or positional information, providing incredible freedom and convenience. With the addition of the optional Sky-Watcher SynScan hand controller, the Virtuoso has access to a database of over 42,900 celestial objects that can be automatically located and tracked throughout the night sky.

A Complete Photography Package

Included brackets make it possible to use a variety of devices and preset modes to capture the world around you, with your DSLR, camcorder or cell phone. Take photographs automatically with your DSLR at up to six preset positions. The mount stops at each predetermined position and automatically triggers the camera’s shutter release. Or take automatic long distance panoramas, up to 360 degrees. Photo and video cruising allow you to record panning video with up to six programmable stopping points.

Also, included with the Virtuoso are a full aperture white light Solar filter and solar finder for safe viewing of the sun.