Virtuoso GTi 130P

SKU S21210
  • 130mm aperture for bright, bold views 
  • Fast f/5 optics for increased light gathering power 
  • 650mm focal length perfect for viewing the Moon, planets, galaxies, and nebulae 
  • Built in Wi-Fi and full GoTo performance via the SynScan Pro app 
  • Patented Freedom Find™  technology uses dual encoders to allow manual control while retaining alignment
  • Collapsible optical tube for easy storage and transportation 
  • Proprietary Radiant™ Aluminum Quartz (RAQ™) coatings for 94% reflectivity 
  • Virtuoso GTi mount accepts V-style dovetail 
  • Tracking rates: solar, lunar, sidereal, and alignment-free solar tracking 
  • Alignment modes: One-Star, Brightest Star, North-Level Alignment, Three-Star 
  • Powered by 8 AA batteries or external 12V power supply (not included) 
  • Free SynScan Pro app features a database containing over 10,000 objects, including Messier, NGC, IC, and Caldwell catalogs
  • Includes Virtuoso GTi base and mount assembly, optical tube assembly, red dot finder, 25mm and 10mm Super eyepieces
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Sky-Watcher’s Virtuoso GTi collapsible tabletop Dobsonian is the ultimate combination of convenience, flexibility, and light-gathering power – now with Wi-Fi!  Ideally suited for both the beginner astronomy enthusiast looking for a first telescope and as a casual backyard/travel alternative for the experienced observer, this small scope boasts big views and is the perfect camping companion for your dark sky getaways. 

Available in either 130 or 150mm apertures, the Virtuoso GTi has undergone a major transformation from the original Sky-Watcher Virtuoso mount in all the ways that matter: Larger aperture, faster focal ratio, a collapsible optical tube assembly, and built-in Wi-Fi for full GoTo telescope control via a smartphone and Sky-Watcher’s free SynScan app for iOS and Android.  While the original Virtuoso from Sky-Watcher was more focused on planetary, solar, and lunar viewing with its long focal length and included solar filter, the all-new Virtuoso GTi borrows its collapsible optical tube design from the popular line of Flextube and Heritage Sky-Watcher Dobsonians for a versatile package that does it all. 

Virtuoso GTi features Sky-Watcher’s Radiant™ Aluminum Quartz (RAQ™) coatings on all optical surfaces for bright, bold views and comes complete with everything you need to start exploring the night sky mere minutes out of the box including a red dot finder and two eyepieces (25mm and 10mm).  With the free SynScan Pro app – available for iOS and Android -- the user has access to a database that contains over 10,000 objects, including Messier, NGC, IC, and Caldwell catalogs. Align on the stars using one of four alignment methods to put Virtuoso GTi's internal computer to work and track objects like the Sun, Moon, and stars at precise rates.  Also included is Sky-Watcher's patented Freedom Find™  technology uses dual encoders to allow manual control while retaining alignment and position information, providing exceptional convenience and flexibility while viewing.